Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunshine-y Day

My dog is a sun lover. He constantly wants to be sitting in the backyard, lounging in the sun. If we are inside then he comes to the patio door, smushes (sp?) his face against it (which is really cute, because he is 1/2 pug and has all sorts of wrinkles) until one of us comes to open it....but oh no! He doesn't want to come in, because as soon as we make a move to reach down and pull him in he darts away! Jerk.

However, if ones of us comes outside, like I am now as I write, he is as happy as a little clam. Now he is just lying there in the grass, basking in the delicious rays of golden sunshine. It's as if I have a little furry conscience reminding me when I get home from summer school that I just spent 4 hours cooped up with 13 year-olds in the summer and  that I should waste anymore of the day indoors. Thank goodness for Kahne.

So here I sit, out in the sunshine- mind you there are all sorts of black, ominous clouds hanging about and the breeze blows a little chilly every now and again- watching Kahne getting teased by the maniac squirrels that visit our yard. Silly squirrels, one day he's going to catch one of you and then no one will be happy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer School

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I am once again embarking on the adventure that is summer school. Oh the joys of school in the summer...a room full of children who didn't really do much during the last 10 months so their parents decided that 5 weeks of 1/2 days was obviously their best option. 

I am very torn on the issue of summer school. On one hand I enjoy the extra money and like a crazy person actually do not really welcome a complete 2 months of nothing. Not only do I think I would be bored within a few weeks, our bank account would take a severe hit as I tried to entertain myself. As it is, summer school is only 4 hours a day and they gave me all the lesson really, it's not so bad.

On the other hand I really question whether the students "learn" or get anything out of it. I have heard all the arguments like "well if they are here, they are off the streets"- which is true. Or "with us or despite of us, all children will learn something"- also true. But at the same time, some of these kids did nothing all year because the system is continuing to fail them year after year and they are so despondent at this point I don't blame them for just putting in the time for 10 months of the year. Do they really need 5 more weeks of someone shoving work at them that they can't do, won't get the support do, and ultimately won't do?

I am not saying I am the type of teacher that just hands students a  handout and says "go", but there are many students who need help that is beyond my expertise, or they need more help than I can give with all my other students also in the room asking for help too. 

Don't these kids deserve some time off just to be kids? And this summer I have Grade 8's- they are only 10 short weeks away from high school. Can't they just relax by the pool, TV, PSP- wherever- for awhile? 

I suppose if I really wanted to take a stand against summer school I could choose not to teach it- but I want to paint my guest rooms this summer and the extra money will go a long way at Home Depot!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two Boys Sleeping

We are having a usual Sunday here in the Lyons' house...the boys are sleeping on the couches while NASCAR plays in the background.

Mike and I were at a wedding last night and we dropped Kahne (our puggle) off at a friend's house for the night. My friend has never had a dog, that I know of, but her son really wants to get one, so she thought it would be a good idea to puppy sit for us while we were at the wedding as a test run. Also, we are hoping to go to Montreal for a few days later in the summer and if all went well this weekend, we would be in the clear for a longer stay in August!

I personally was much more worried for my friend and her son as our dog can be CRAZY when he wants to be, and even though he is only 34 lbs he is quite strong! But from the looks of it he had a great sleepover. My friend relayed that when her san had to leave this morning to go to a birthday party he cried because he knew Kahne would be gone by the time he got back, and apparently everytime Kahne whined yesterday he was taken for a walk which probably means he went on a million walls. My dog is quite the whiner. So needless to say it was a successful experiment as the tuckered pooch ate and when went right to sleep as soon as we got home...not unlike my husband!

Starting to Start

I have been really interested in writing lately, almost 6 months now. I started a journal back in April, however, I can't say I am super good and writing all the time. I do like the idea of throwing my ideas out there into the void and seeing what happens. It intrigues me to see how honest I can be knowing that people can come online and read through my thoughts if they really want to...or that no one will read them because perhaps once they are outside my head they really aren't that interesting!

Writing in my journal reminds me a lot of high school when I faithfully kept a "diary" for a few years. It was full of teenage angst and dating and boys and all the other silly things teenage girls think of on a daily basis. Whenever I sit down to write I feel like I am back in that place writing down silly ideas and wondering "if he likes me"? Which I am obviously not since I am married and pretty secure in the knowledge that my husband does indeed like me! I guess I feel that maybe a blog is a new, more grown-up version of keeping a journal. I am going to work at both though, there are some things I really feel should not be posted online....

At this point I can't really say that my blog will have any sort of theme other than my own thoughts and ideas on things. I can say it'll give me something to do during the day while I am off work over the next 2 months (yes I am a teacher, and yes I am sorry that you do not get two months holidays every summer too) because believe me, 2 months is a pretty long time to fill if you aren't traveling! And no!! I am not complaining about having 2 months off, I am just saying that I am the type of person who doesn't sit still well for long periods of time.

Last Words...

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe