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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunshine-y Day

My dog is a sun lover. He constantly wants to be sitting in the backyard, lounging in the sun. If we are inside then he comes to the patio door, smushes (sp?) his face against it (which is really cute, because he is 1/2 pug and has all sorts of wrinkles) until one of us comes to open it....but oh no! He doesn't want to come in, because as soon as we make a move to reach down and pull him in he darts away! Jerk.

However, if ones of us comes outside, like I am now as I write, he is as happy as a little clam. Now he is just lying there in the grass, basking in the delicious rays of golden sunshine. It's as if I have a little furry conscience reminding me when I get home from summer school that I just spent 4 hours cooped up with 13 year-olds in the summer and  that I should waste anymore of the day indoors. Thank goodness for Kahne.

So here I sit, out in the sunshine- mind you there are all sorts of black, ominous clouds hanging about and the breeze blows a little chilly every now and again- watching Kahne getting teased by the maniac squirrels that visit our yard. Silly squirrels, one day he's going to catch one of you and then no one will be happy.

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