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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain rain go away/ Come again another day...

Rain in the summer is one of my favourite things. There is something special about falling asleep in a tent or a cabin with the rain pattering on the roof. I spent many (many!!) summers at camp and most people would say that rain at summer camp is no one's friend. Of course, most of the activities can't go on. You can't really water ski, or swim in the rain (especially if there is thunder and lightening) but some of my best memories are of rainy days spent in the cabin just bonding and giggling with my girls.

It's a great time to create cabin shirts. I remember a few summers ago when we used stencils to create a special cabin logo on the front and then had all of our names on the back. The many (again many!!) years that I had the littlest girls in camp I have fond memories of rainy afternoons spent giggling over silly 7 year-old humour, impromptu air bands and lip-sync talent shows, fashion shows, puppet shows and general female mayhem. I also remember that rainy days meant a lot more time spent on cabin clean-up the next day!

There was one amazing rainy summer day when I still worked at Circle R Ranch outside of London, ON when my co-counselor had a fabulous idea of taking a walk in the rain. We all put on rain boots, rain suits and went out into the downpour. We rain through puddles, jumped in puddles, slide in the wet grass and generally had a fabulous time. I am not sure the laundry people were too happy with us when they received our cabin's bag of muddy wet clothes, but I hope that it is a memory that my girls will carry with them. There aren't too many places in the world where it is acceptable to run and jump and screech in the rain, but summer camp is definitely one of them!

Sometimes the rain is the only time the kids slow down and pause while they are at summer camp. The time goes by so fast and you want to cram in as much as possible because it's a long 10 months until it comes around again. However, I think a little rain forcing everyone to slow down, pause and really talk to each other is a good thing. Especially the little ones as they need some down time every now and then! A rainy day actually results in "Rest Hour" being restful! If it's sunny they rarely rest of even spend more than a second at the bunk; but when it's raining they will curl up with a book, or even better (!) sleep.

Now that I am no longer going to camp in the summers I am still working out how I feel about rain in the city. So far this summer it has cancelled 2 rounds of golf and countless baseball games for me. Strange that the rain seems to create less to do in the city than at camp, one would think the opposite would be more true. A few rain days sprinkled in is alright because it makes one feel less guilty about lounging on the couch, but this year has already seen more than it's share of rain. I want to come home from summer school and sit outside in the yard, enjoying the sun. If this rain keeps up I am going to start wishing summer school lasted all day so at least I could be getting paid to be indoors all day.

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