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Monday, August 3, 2009

3rd Day...still painting

The nearly completed entry way. The paint colour is "burnt almond".

Well I am up early for my third day in a row of painting. I seriously did not think this "mini"- project would take the entire weekend. Which was silly of me in retrospect because the ceilings in our stairwell are like 15 ft high. This required a ladder rental, and a husband willing to go up on the ladder because there was no way I was going! Today we are going to finish rolling the walls, hopefully we can get both coats on today and I am going to start my stripe wall! The trim will have to wait for a few weeks until the wall colour has cured so we can tape on the walls again.

Painting is an interesting endeavour, that's for sure. It's somewhat like a new beginning. All the past mistakes, bumps, scrapes and injuries get covered by a bright, shining new layer and everything looks renewed. It's kind of a metaphor for what I need right now. I am at a crossroads in my life. I for sure can't go back, there are too many bumps and bruises leading back that way. I can continue forward on this road but some major road work needs to be done in order for the road to continue very far into the future. Or I can try a completely new path. Choosing the new path would mean the destruction of the old path, which is a scary and sad thought.

But for today I am going to concentrate on finishing my painting and leave the big decision making for another day...or at least until I have had some coffee!

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