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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Careers that could have been..

The completed shoe rack in all its glory! Organized and complete!

About 12 years ago now when I was applying to universities and choosing a major my father decided that one of my options should be to become a "tool and die maker". Now you might be thinking that I was a kid who enjoyed tinkering with things, building with legos, taking apart radios and putting them back together, etc. You would be wrong.

I was the kid sitting in the corner reading a book, or reading 5 books. The kid who always was the note taker, list maker, record keeper in every game we played. I love fresh new paper, new pens, new markers....and on and on and on. You get the idea.

So when my father approached me with the idea of learning a trade I was quite confused. Where had this man gotten this idea? Had he not spent 18 years living in the same home as me? In the same home, I might add, where my father was the only male. This meant that he did all the "manly" chores. I was never asked to take out the garbage. I only once cut the grass but that that was because I begged my cousin Mark to let me because I wanted to know what it was like. (Looking back I really can't believe I begged my cousin to let me do his chores!) So at the age of 18 my father had really never seen me do anything remotely trade-worthy.

My boyfriend and I did spend a summer building a slate sidewalk in front of the house, and then the following summer my sister and I built a matching slate patio. The second summer was just my sister and I because I had broken up with the previously mentioned boyfriend. Building both the sidewalk and the patio was heavy, physical work because the slate weighed a tonne (literally, that's how much my parents bought) but it didn't really require any knowledge of anything. It was like a puzzle with no picture and where you had to make your own pieces.

So why has this memory of a career that could have been popped up today? Well I bought a small wire shoe rack from Solutions for $9.99. Judging by the price you would be correct in thinking that it is a piece of cr*p. Plus it came unassembled. So I drew upon all my previous experience in building things...none, and attempted to put together this shoe rack. I managed the feat, in only 20 minutes or so and was reminded once again why I became a teacher and not a tool and die maker. Sorry Dad.

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Brian DeWagner said...

This is hilarious!!!

Sklyons said...

Thanks! The cousin I begged to let me cut the grass?....Ducky! Of course, he let me, such a nice guy.

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