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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How much do I read?

This is a post for my friend Dave who wanted to know why I have stopped blogging. I haven't. I just didn't really have anything I was thinking about lately, or I was thinking too much. It's been one of those summers. One I will remember forever, but not always for good reasons.

Anyway, I started off this year embarking on a new reading challenge. I found it online and it is called the 999 Challenge. First, you choose 9 categories of books. Second, you read 9 books in each of the 9 categories (81 books). Third, you do it all in 2009.

I was intrigued by this challenge because I read a lot. A LOT. And I have never before tracked my own reading. Not how many books I have read in year. Not by genre. Not even by title. So I was interested to see if I could complete the challenge and if not, how many books I could read. I started out with a bang in January and February. 81 books in 12 months works out approximately to 6 books a month. It doesn't actually sound like a lot to someone who can read a book in an evening depending on the length and the interest level.

However, it is August 12th, was past the halfway mark for the year and I just finished book #42. (That's right, Dave! Since you made fun of me for my nerdiness on Facebook because I had read 41 books I have finished another one!) I am feeling a little nervous that I won't finish all 81. Now, in the beginning I said (multiple times) that I wasn't in it to feverishly try to finish, but really just to track my reading. But now that we are getting closer to the end of the year, I really would like to finish and read all 81 books, but I am going to seriously have to get my butt in gear.

Do you think it is cheating if I start to choose really short books that are below my reading level? You know, like my students do. 'Cause obviously I would agree that in Grade 7 a book about Grade 4 students is an appropriate choice! Silly students.

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