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Monday, August 17, 2009

I am a workout machine!!

Okay, so maybe not a machine, but I have managed to do some type of workout everyday for over a week, except for yesterday. Sunday was my planned day of I was way to hung-over to move in any sort of reasonable fashion yesterday.

But back to the good news! I have found a yoga studio that I like and I am going to try and go at least 1 a week. It is a little pricey to go much more often than twice a week anyway. In between, I have started to train to run 5k. I am not sure if I am actually going to work towards a race yet, or if I just want to do it to say that I can!

The one thing I have learned is that I really don't like being all sweaty...gross! Plus I need new headphones. Right now I have been running without music, which isn't so bad as I am working on my breathing, but I am sure that I will eventually want to have some music to take my mind off the torture that is the running. I'm kidding..kinda. I am starting to feel that I could keep going past the alloted time I am supposed to run, but all the training articles I have read said that runners who are just starting out often push themselves too hard and then get injured and quit. So I am trying to stick very closely to the time I am told to run! lol No extra running for me.

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