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Friday, August 28, 2009

I love my dog, but...

Our first night home with the puppy... just over 2 years ago.

He has/had this little face that will just melt your heart! (Sorry it's a little blurry)

I love my dog, I think I love him as much as I would a child. I am a dog person! But...this morning I wanted to sleep in and Kahne was not sure that was going to happen. It wasn't that he wanted me to play with him, or that he needed to go out. Mike does that before he leaves for work. No, it was that I had opened the bedroom windows to let some the fresh, fall-like air into the house and he could hear ever noise. Therefore, every noise was someone coming to attack me! His solution to this problem was to sit on my chest, or pace the bed, get is hackles up and howl as loud as he could out the window. Did I mention it was 8 o'clock in the morning?

This is what he looked like before we even got to pick him up. The breeder sent us a few pics.

Nowadays, he is very grown-up looking, but still so cute!

So, back to the sleep-in. It's very hard to get mad at a dog who is working hard to make sure no one is coming in to hurt you. Kahne mostly reacts to noises like this when I am home alone, which is sweet and endearing. I can appreciate that he wants to protect me. At the same time, I am running out of days in the summer when I can sleep in before I go back to work and today was one of the last chances. Oh well, eventually he calmed down, I read a little from my book and we both had a little morning nap.

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