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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lunch with Friends

I met up with two work friends today to have a nice lunch out. I hadn't seen either of these ladies since school ended...waaaaaaay back in June, and after our lunch today I am really wondering "why not?"

I think people get very "busy" and we fill up our time until so much has passed that we say to ourselves "oh my goodness, I haven't seen so-so in a very long time" and only then do we make the attempt to get together. Why does this happen? I have friends out there that I haven't seen in months, maybe years. How does that happen?

Meeting up with friends for lunch, for drinks, for bowling, for whatever is always such a good time I really think I should do it more and not worry about how busy I am. A guy I once knew well used to say "you can sleep when you are dead"...and so be it! Less sleep and more time spent with friends.

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