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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Best Time of the Year

For me, September is the new year. It's the time when anything is possible. For anyone that has ever been in school (so everyone) and those of us who remain there as an occupation knows this is true. It has a newness that January could never achieve. How can things be new when it's snowy, slushy, and cold? By I digress...

At this point in the school year everything is plans. I plan to do this. I plan to do that. Everything is in the future and everything is hopeful. It's a great feeling that is often duplicated. Today was the first day back at the school for all the staff, no kids, and it looked like a pretty boring day of meetings, goal planning, etc. In the end though it turned out pretty well. I got quite a lot accomplished and even set-up some partnerships to work with other teachers over the course of the year.

The best plan, however, came from blogging! My friend, Brian, who writes The Zoey Blog introduced me to an amazing spoken word artist, Mayda del Valle. I had actually been thinking about incorporating spoken word with my poetry unit this year, and by happy coincidence this came along at just the right time. My poetry unit involves my students choosing an issue that means something to their life (war, body image, crime, etc) and writes an anthology of original poems. This year I am going to have them perform their poems as well! Can't wait.

Everything is fresh and new. A new room. A new class. A new grade. I am very excited to see what this year brings.

If you are interested in Mayda de Valle's spoken poetry you can check out Brian's blog, or search on YouTube.

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