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Friday, September 4, 2009

Contentment of the Mediocre- Warning!! This is a bit of a rant.

So I was back at work for 2 days this week before the students arrive next Tuesday for the start of the school year. This is due to the new Family Day Holiday in February and the lateness of Labour Day. At least that is what I have come to understand.

The two days at school were scheduled to be for "professional development"- no setting up rooms, or individual work, and we were told that the the superintendent would be coming around to do spot checks. Serious stuff. So I arrived at school on Wednesday prepared to sit through the mandatory meetings, which would not probably thrill me as other things in life do. However, as a grown-up and a professional I have learned that there are somethings in life that need to endured.

In actuality the meetings weren't too bad, a little dry in parts, a little redundant in others but on the whole important. As an epi-pen carrier I fully support that all school staff are trained in how to administer an epi-pen so that I may continue to live in the case of being stung by a bee. As an english teacher and a lover of reading I full support strategizing ways to help students increase their understanding of the written word, even if that is through the use of a standardized tests. (No matter what you think of them, they aren't going anywhere) Finally, as a teacher of students I have come to realize, and understand, that all students are not going to learn the same way, some may need a little more help in some areas. So in that case I am in full support of the special education teachers taking the time to teach us something that may helps us all in our own classrooms.

What I do not support is people coming and expecting that work is fun all the time. If it was always going to be fun, they would have called it fun not work. I do not support people who feel they already know everything there is to know about our profession, or really any profession. If you have learned it all already, then why the hell aren't you in charge? Oh right, that requires extra work on your part. G-d forbid we do anything other than the bare minimum when doing a job. I do not support so-called professionals talking, whispering and other wise behaving like children when a colleague is giving a presentation. You wouldn't allow the students to behave like that in your class, so why do you do it?

I also don't appreciate being made fun of because I take my job seriously. These children only have one chance at their education. No one gets to go back and repeat elementary school because their teacher sucked. So of course I take it seriously. These children are going to need to read and write EVERYDAY to be successful in the ever increasing literate world. People read and write more nowadays with the inclusion of computers and the Internet everywhere, so why would I want to learn all the newest and best strategies to help prepare them for that?

There are a lot of people out there who need to grow up, and the majority of them aren't the 13 year-olds that will be entering my class for the first time on Tuesday. If you aren't willing to keep on learning...don't take a job in education.

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