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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It has been said that teachers answer thousands upon thousands of questions each day. Here are a few I was asked today.

1) "Is that your husband?" from the student sitting at my desk looking at the wedding picture in a frame on my desk.

2) "Mrs. Lyons, when are you going to be a mom?" Grade 8 girl.

3) "Is this going to be marked?" Grade 8 boy about 30 seconds after I finished explaining a reading assignment. (Note: an assignment!!)

4) Student A- "Should I put this in my binder?"
Me- "No, I am collecting it."
Student A- "I'll put it in my binder"
Me- "No, I want to collect them and mark it."
Student A- "Do you want my binder."
Me- "No, just your worksheet."
Student A- "After I put it in my binder?" (Note: At this point the class is dying with laughter, and no the student was trying to be a goof. He was seriously unsure what to do.)
Me- "I just want the worksheet not your binder. You can keep the binder."
At this point the student got up took the worksheet AND the binder to the In-Box. Sigh.

5) (This took place during the same class as the above conversation. It will definitely prove what a grammar geek I am, and perhaps why I feel the need to drink copious amounts of coffee during the day.)
Me- "So we use a comma in a sentence when there is a series of items in a list, before a conjunction that joins two phrases, and when a subordinate clause starts a sentence."
Student B- "Can we use just a comma and not the conjunction in a sentence?"
Me- "No, that would be a comma splice. You need the conjunction or you must use a semi-colon."
Student B- "So we have to use the conjunction?"
Me- "Yes."
Student B- "So we can't just use the comma and not the conjunction?" (Can you see where this is going?)
Me- "No, that would a comma splice."
Student B- "So we have to use a semi-colon then?"
Me- "Yes."
Student B- "And if we use the comma we have to have a conjunction?"
Me- "AAAAAAAARRRRGH!!" (Not really, but I wanted to.)

In case you were wondering, yes I do like my job, but some days are better than others. (Note: the comma is before the conjunction in that sentence. Just where it should be. Ahhh, life makes sense again.)

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