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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Starting to feel concerned!

For some reason I am having a very difficult time concentrating and getting down to work to plan for next week. NEXT WEEK! Wow, I can't believe the students will be back at school next week. Where has the time gone.

I am wondering about why I am having such a hard time planning and creating lessons for the start of the year. Is it because I have done this 5 times before and it's old hat by now? Or is because for the first time in 5 years I am teaching a new grade and am not really sure what to expect since I have to start over from scratch? I am taking almost 1/3 of my Grade 7 students with me to Grade 8 on Tuesday so they will not be impressed if anything is a repeat. Not only will they not be impressed, they will be bored. And 24 bored 13 year-olds in a room is a recipe for disaster!

Well tomorrow and Thursday I am back in the school for two PA Days. Two long days of meetings and "development" and the Friday is off for an extra long weekend. Hopefully by then everything will have sunk in so that I am ready to go on Tuesday!

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