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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stories from a Grade 8 Classroom

Sometimes the funniest things happen in class and you just have to laugh!

Yesterday, someone was talking about rhetorical questions with my class. I have no idea who and no idea why. All I know is that this morning when I asked the class a question one boy raised his hand and said, "Is that a historical question?"

To which I gave him a blank look and replied, "Pardon?"

The rest of the kids were giggling and told me that he actually meant a rhetorical question. At this point I almost peed my pants laughing. We were 5 minutes into the school day!

Then came lunch. I was on duty today while the students were eating and I need to walk back and forth between two rooms. As I walked into the 2nd room I supervise (not my classroom) a boy was telling a story about seeing the movie Transformers this summer. He was facing a little a way from me but most of the other kids could see me as I walked into the room. This is the point of the story I walked in on...

"And then there is a part when Megan Fox is running and...(the male student then mimed Megan Fox's breasts moving up and down using his hands) and it was..."

At this point he noticed I had walked into the classroom and had obviously overhead everything he said, and saw what he did.

I waved at him and he said, "...and that was the end of the movie," while turning very red!

The rest of the students were killing themselves laughing. I just turned around and walked out. Ahhh, a day in the life of a Grade 8 teacher.

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