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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why does today seem longer than yesterday?

Day 2. Not really, Day 1 1/2 and this is the question I was asked by one of my Grade 8's.

"Well," I answered, "I guess that's because we are doing real work today."

He seemed satisfied with this answered. I am always amazed when students are surprised that they are being asked to do work while in school. I was actually asked yesterday, the first day of school, if we were going to spend anytime playing outside. I'm sorry didn't you just have 2 months of summer to play outside?

I have often wondered after I read an article about the "iPod Generation" (I'm sorry I have no idea where or when I read this article). The basic premise of this article was that teens/kids/students today have always been able to manipulate and change their environment to what they want it to be. They don't have to listen to an entire tape to get to the song they like, they can put any songs in any order they want on their iPod. Same with DVD's, they don't even need to watch the whole movie, they can watch just the scenes that interest them.

Is it any wonder then that a 6 hour school day where they have no choice in their activities or subjects does not interest them?

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