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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You're a Mean Teacher

Yesterday one of my students didn't complete his homework. It was  small thing really, a coat of arms and a 1 paragraph write about what the symbols represent. Because he wasn't finished I did not allow him to enter class for the entire history period and I made him complete a "Think Sheet". The think sheet is a series of 4 questions about what they did, why it happened and how they will fix it for next time, etc. It's basically a way for me to have a record of the fact that the student owned up to not doing their work.

Now I did give the students 2 45-minute periods and the entire weekend to complete this assignment. I also let them know ahead of time that if it wasn't done they would not be coming into class. We are still doing the Confederation simulation and the coat of arms represents their identification as a government official. Plus, it's the 3rd week of school......DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

So what happened was that when he returned with the section of the think sheet that asks "how will you fix this?" incomplete I was not impressed.

"How is this not done?" I asked.

"I don't know what to say," he replied.

"You don't know how you are going to fix the problem of not getting your homework done?" I asked incredulously.


"You do understand that this is Grade 8 and I am not your babysitter. Get the sheet done by the end of the day before your detention. I would start by answering that next time you will finish your homework. That's how you can fix it." I answered, somewhat sarcastically.

Almost everyday I am more and more concerned by the learned helplessness I see in some students. Yikes.

I learned after school from my friend, his French teacher, that he arrived in class and announced I was a mean teacher. Good. I'm not here to make friends.

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