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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alls Well That Ends Well in the World of Pickle Trays

Whew!! No big scene, no blow ups, not even an angry word.

My pickle tray lending friend wasn't the least bit upset about the chip in the side of the tray. She said she didn't remember her mother ever using it, and wasn't even sure if it was her mother's due to the star pattern; which looks like the star of David, and they aren't Jewish.

When she heard about my 5 store hunt for a replacement tray she even offered to let me keep the borrowed tray saying she had many others from her mother. Ten to be exact. That's a lot of pickles!! So now I am the owner of the chipped pickle tray, and a smaller one that she had no attachment to. I am already planning a dinner party where I will invite them for dinner and serve a glorious pickle tray in her honour.

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