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Monday, October 19, 2009

Finishing a Good Book

I had a horrible, delightful, awful experience last night.

I am reader (which I have posted about before) and I delight in reading many, many books. My favourite series of books is written by Diana Gabaldon. The first book in the series is titled Outlander and is amazing! I must credit my best friend Sara for introducing me to this series back in the days of living on Kipps Lane. Anyway.... there are now seven books in this series, the latest book having just come out this September. The newest book is called "An Echo in the Bone" and it continues to story of Claire and Jamie Fraser during the time of the American Revolution.

I love these books!! First of all, they are VERY long (I'm talking 800 pages +), which is great for me because I am a fast reader and a long books gives me time to really get into the characters and feel like I am a part of the action. The description is fantastic. I can read one page and already feel like I am transported back in time. The characters are real people, and Gabaldon's description makes you love them, hate them, cry for them, want to meet them, etc. I have re-read the series a number of times and every time it's still just as great.

So you are probably asking yourself why I started this post by saying I had a horrible, delightful, awful experience last night. Well....

I finished "An Echo in the Bone" and I was happy and furious all at the same time. Why? For many reasons, such as:

1) It ended in a cliff hanger which is great because it means there will be more to read about Jamie, Claire and all the Outlander characters.

2) It ended in a cliff hanger after I had been waiting three years to read it and now I will probably have to wait three more years to read the next one.

GRRRRRR...I actually woke my husband up when I finished the book because I grumbled out loud quite loudly. (Sorry, hun!) now I am left here wondering what will happen in Jamie and Claire in the midst of the turmoil that is the American Revolution and at this rate I won't know until 2012.

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