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Friday, October 9, 2009

First Holiday of the "Year"

It's weird, when you are a teacher your year consists of September to August, so in actuality your "new year" starts in September. That makes Thanksgiving the first holiday of the year. Now we have had a few 4 day weeks already between PA Days and the first week of school only being 4 days, but there is something about making it to Thanksgiving relatively unscathed and still alive that makes you feel like you have started the school year off right.

There are a few things I would change, however:

1) I wish my class could enter the room without sounding like a thundering herd of teenage elephants.

2) I would help Grade 8's to understand that if they use the class time I give them for their work they would rarely have homework.

3) When you are 13 it is not necessary to yell everything you say because your friends are still as young as you are and they can still hear just fine.

4) Huh? is never the correct answer to anything.

5) I would also like 30 hours in the day.

I have felt like I am running 15 steps behind all the time since school started. There is a lot on the go for me right now with planning a new grade, coaching football 4 days a week and running the Me to We team. Not to mention that curling started last week. This conflicts with football so I just end up with some really long days. But I have made it. It's Thanksgiving. I have 3 days off, 3 holiday dinners to eat and a smallish pile of marking. Now the amount of planning I have to do....that pile is pretty big. GRRRR

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