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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kiddie Germs

I have officially gotten sick. The kid's germs have jumped onto me and I am home today in bed. My throat is scratchy, my sinuses are full, I am cold and then I am hot. I hate being sick. The worst part of it is that I was supposed to go on a field trip with my class today, but it was an outdoor trip and I didn't really think that spending the day in the woods would be the best thing for me. But I do feel bad about sending my kids on a trip with a supply and a supply out into the woods when they weren't expecting it.

Being sick really sucks. I do like staying home and sleeping...except for the whining dog. Kahne does fine everyday when we are at work but it seems like he has a hard time when we are home. I think because I am here he wants to do more, go out more, etc. Whereas when we are at work he just lays down and sleeps waiting for us to get home. I just feel so unproductive when I am home sick. I have some marking and planning I could be doing, but if I do school work does that negate the fact that I stayed home from work to rest today? On the other hand I now have a full day in which there are no interruptions so I could get a lot done. Quite the dilemma.

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