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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not Everybody Has To Be Friends

So last night after work some colleagues and I went out for drinks to our usual establishment. This has been a pretty regular Friday evening ritual for the 3+ years I have been at my current school. People come and go each week, there are the regulars who go every week and the surprises that show up once in awhile. The conversation is good, the bar manager gives us free appetizers and we have a few laughs.

Last night it was a medium sized group of us just sitting around. Now I know that at work not everybody sees eye to eye or agrees with each other's teaching methods, but for the most part we get along and things work smoothly. Now if I have a major problem with someone I'll talk to them about it, but, like all people, I have known to vent my frustrations to my friends. Note that I said my friends.

While out for drinks last night one of my colleagues proceeded to dump on two of my very good friends, including calling them unprintable names. He was sitting across the table from me. Me. I don't begrudge him his opinions, even if I think they are juvenile, stupid and filled with jealousy about other people's abilities. But I do cross the line at having to hear two good friends, and great teachers slammed because this guy is a pompous ass. If you want to vent and spew your idiocies, please go talk to your own friends. Not the friends of the people who are vent about. Even the kids know that.

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