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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Search for a Pickle Tray

So last weekend was Thanksgiving and I was put in charge of bringing a pickle tray to my husband's family's Thanksgiving dinner. I do not own a pickle tray so a friend lent me one that had been her mother's. Now, her mother passed away from cancer last winter so this felt like a big deal that she was letting me borrow something of her mom's.

I made the pickle tray, took to family Thanksgiving, it was a hit, many pickles were eaten.....however, when my husband's aunt handed it back to me after dinner I noticed there was a chip on it. A chip I did not see before when I was loading up the tray with pickles and beets, etc. Did the chip happen at dinner? Am I responsible for this chip? Or was it there beforehand and I just didn't notice? Aaaaargh!

A mutual friend of mine and the pickle tray owner has lead me to believe that the pickle tray is a matter of life and death and that I need to return a full and complete pickle tray or the friendship is over, finto, capute. So today I went in search of a pickle tray to offer as a replacement in case I am responsible for the chip. I went to 5 stores. NO PICKLE TRAYS. Not one, not even ugly ones. Just nothing.

So now I have the entire day to sit a wait because the lender of the pickle tray and her boyfriend have been so kind as to OFFER to pick me up and drive me home from a party tonight. When they arrive to do this amazing good deed I have to tell them that their previous good deed (lending the pickle tray) was not so good because I am a ruiner or pickle trays and there no pickle trays left in existence to replace what I have ruined.

My head, and my heart, hurt just thinking about it.

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