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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Everything Come Together...

Did I mention that I coach football? I think I did in a previous blog, and it wasn't going well. Sometimes the kids are so frustrating, but...

Today was our last game of the regular season, playoffs are on Friday. We are pretty sure that we are in the playoffs no matter what but we still wanted to win this last game. We were playing against a team that we are pretty comparable with, however we have not won a game against them in 3 years! 3 years!!! All that ended today. My girls knocked it out of the park...for real.

The things I like best about coaching over the course of a season is that you can really see the athletes grow. We have been working on our fake handoffs, and passes with the girls. Today we threw them into a new style of faking a handoff and they did it PERFECTLY! At one point one of the girl's on the defensive side had no idea what was going on, who had the ball on our team and just stopped dead on the field because she had no idea where to go. It was magic.

The girls have grown in other ways as well. The girls cheer each other on more, try to keep each other's spirits up and really work at staying happy during a game. There are a few who are still visibly upset or angry when they don't play, but I think that is an important lesson that sports can teach you. Not everyone plays all the time. Not in sports, and not in life. Also, that not everyone's skill level is the same. A few of the Grade 7 girls are on team more as a growing experience and to learn for next year than to be starters and to play every game. This year's Grade 8's who are starters were not starters last year.  I think that is one big difference between coaching boys and girls, as the boys seem to just instinctively get it. Girls often want it to be "fair" and "even".

Now we move towards Friday and the playoffs. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather, a sunny day and happy girls. Otherwise, it could be a long afternoon of cranky girls losing football games. I would love to bring home some medals and a banner to hang in the gym, and to see the excitement of the girls. What a way to start a weekend that would be.

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