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Monday, October 26, 2009

Why is this cold hanging around?

I have felt sick for almost three weeks now! Seriously, enough is enough!

I feel a break in the sinus congestion at this moment, but who knows how I will feel in 10 minutes? An hour? When I wake up in the morning and am about to embark on a field trip with 30 teenagers...yikes! I bought more tissues, and am debating the neti (spelling?) pot. Have you heard of this or seen it?

The first time I saw the neti pot was on Oprah when Dr. Oz was still come on as a guest. It looks like a small tea pot. You can use this device to pour water into one of your nostrils, with your head tilted and then the water goes through your sinus, cleans everything out and the water runs out your other nostril. It sounds like a recipe for drowning if you ask me. A colleague at work who got sick around the same time as I first did swears by it. She has used it and as far as I can tell is not drowned, nor does she still have her cold. Unlike me. Maybe there is something to it?

My husband thinks the reason I am sick and he is not is because he take a multi-vitamin everyday and I don't. Not that I am against it, I would actually like to take one. I just forget a lot and there are really big and hard to swallow. I think it has less to do with the vitamins and a lot more to do with the 50 teenagers that parade their gross germiness into my classroom for 6 hours a day. I must say though that I put out Purell for them and they actually do seem to use it quite a bit, so maybe my husband's theory has some merit?

Well, I am going to go off into my evening (plenty if marking to do, it's almost report card time) and hope that this break in the sinus pain continues. I would love to be cold free...just for a little bit.

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