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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas...At My House!

Christmas has arrived at my house. The decorations are out. The tree is up and decorated. We have food, and lots of it in the fridge. And...we are having a party tomorrow! I love the holiday season. I love shopping for decorations. I mean seriously, LOVE IT!

Our tree.

As far as Christmas trees are concerned, I really only like white lights. So you many ask why our tree has coloured lights? Well, we were given it as a gift from my husband's parents a few years ago and there you have it. I do, however, plan that as soon as we have a bigger house to buy a bigger tree with ONLY white lights! This tree can then be our secondary tree.

I fully believe that Christmas and decorating is a deeply personal thing. You can dictate to someone else what their tree should look like, and so, have two trees may seem crazy to some people, but I will do it!

Snowman. I love him.

My husband new ornament contribution this year. Very Canadian.
We love our Tim Horton's coffee!!


A gift from my in-laws a few years ago. It says "Teaching is a Work of Heart".
I really like ornaments that have a story attached to them or personal memories.
I have one that is from Kuwait! My best friend brought it home for me last year after she lived there for a year teaching english.

More Snowmen.

I really like snowmen decorations because even after Christmas has ended I can keep them out all winter and a little of the holiday magic stays behind. Plus snowmen are just cute little things.

My family has a lot of holiday traditions, and I am not big on change so I really like when things are done the way they are always done. When my parents still lived in the house where I grew up, we always had our tree in the big front room and had huge, live trees for the whole holiday season. When my mom redecorated the front room as a dining room our living room was moved to the basement, and even though we still got a real tree because it was in the basement it was SMALL. We couldn't even put all the ornaments we had on it! We had to leave some in the boxes. Oh no, this was not going to work for me. I may have actually boycotted decorating the tree that year! I like my traditions, and nobody, NOBODY, better get in the way of them!

 Stockings! Me, Hubby, and the Puppy.
(Obviously, the puppy's is in the middle)

This is my FAVOURITE new decoration this year.
(Well, I also got a bathmat that is a snowman's face)
It's a cluster of bells with mistletoe on fun!
We hung it in the doorway to the kitchen because so many people walk through that door.

This is the snowman cookie jar, but we don't eat cookies. I use it, instead, to hold the puppy's treats in the winter. He likes it a lot too.

See. Happy puppy.

Almost time. I can't wait for the holidays to be here officially. I have already had an Eggnog Latte from Starbucks so Christmas Eve is just around the corner.

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