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Saturday, November 7, 2009


It's 5:30 am, on a Saturday...and I am awake. There is no real reason for me to be awake and yet I am. I got up to use the washroom, and the dog was sitting there at the top of the stairs looking at me expectantly. I figured he must need to go out as well, so we did that. And now I am sitting here on the couch writing to the void.

The dog has gone back to bed, he's a smart one for sure. I poured myself some juice and as I sit here writing I know I should just drink it up and head back to bed, but for some reason I am enjoying sitting here in the quietness and the stillness. I feel like I am on a precipice this morning. Like this is the one moment between the calm and the storm.

My husband and I are finding that every weekend between now and the holidays is filling up, and it's filling up faster than we can even keep track of. Tomorrow I am heading off to hang out with my best friend for her 30th birthday weekend. We are going to the spa, out for dinner, and shopping...all in the middle of report card season.

Report card season comes three times a year in my school board. They have been batting around the idea of two reports for year, but no luck this year. I always want to do NOTHING during report card season. The marking of final projects and unit tests builds up, the calculations of averages needs to be done and the comments need to be written. I don't cook, I don't clean (the house, I do shower still!), and I don't want to go out. But this year plans crept up on me and I found myself saying yes before I even realized it would be report card season.

Now I would not obviously miss my best friend's 30th birthday weekend...but it does raise the stress level just a little. I mean while I am at the spa today nobody is going to be marking my 45 short stories, right? Anyway, all I am saying is that while it's good to be loved and popular (comparatively speaking, my friends want to hang out with me at least) the next week is going to be a struggle to get through to complete reports and not go crazy!

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

DUTA said...

Whatever you do, don't overdo; don't waste your energies neither on your friend nor on the card reports.

English Teacher said...

Energy is never wasted on friends!

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