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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reading Blogs

I have been reading a lot of blogs about reading lately. My two favourite things: reading and reading about reading! I started clicking on the "Next Blog" link which it claims sends you to blogs that are similar in topic and theme to yours, and even though mine is about thinking (or so I claim) the "Next Blog" link sent me to many, many blogs about reading.

So I am thinking that maybe I will start chronicling my reading here. I have posted in the past about the 999 challenge that I have been participating in for 2009. You can check those out here, and here.  But I am thinking that maybe for 2010 I will go more in depth with my discussions of what I am reading.

I enjoyed tracking my reading this year and actually seeing how many books I can read in a year, but I did not enjoy being pigeon-holed into different genres and having to read only (or I suppose I could read more, but...) 9 books from each. I filled up my Fantasy and Science Fiction category in the first 2 months and then I didn't read hardly any of my Re-Reads. I still have a desire to read Emma again soon, but then there are so many new books that I haven't read yet at the same time. Oh the dilemma!!

I think next year I will create a spreadsheet (oh the joy of organizing) and use it to track my books. I can still track by genre, but not limit myself to only 9 books. Plus I can use my blog as a way of tracking my thoughts and ideas about what I have read. Similar to a Writer's Notebook, but electronic and for reading. I found this blog Marks In the Margin that has a similar concept and that I have really enjoyed reading since I found it.

So you are probably wondering what I have been or am reading? (Maybe not and I am just bathering on to myself, but anyway...). I re-read Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer last night (yes, in one night). I went to see New Moon with my sister on Saturday and it has been since last summer that I read all 4 books in the Twilight Saga so I wanted to re-read the last two books in order to refresh my memory about what had happened. I did enjoy the 2nd movie much better than the first, and then reading Eclipse when I got home was pretty satisfactory as well. I may just move on and re-read the final book, Breaking Dawn, as well. I know that many people do not think that the Twilight books are well-written or even interesting, but I ask that you look at it this way:

1. How much "great literature" were you willing to read as a teenager?
2. How much did you even read as a teenager?
3. The kids who are reading these books are reading vast amounts of the written word in just the 4 books, and then usually moving on to the recent knockoffs and other vampire stories. Who are we to say "don't read"? Reading is reading.
4. At least these kids have a taste for reading, better than those who read nothing at all. Their taste may improve when they get older, it may not. But right now they LOVE reading.
5. Edward and Jacob are hot.

So, yes I will continue to read YA and great literature as it comes along. There are worse ways to be spending your time. And starting soon, I will talk all about it here!

1 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Book Psmith said...

Great questions! Much of the great literature I read as a teenager was assigned. I did choose to read War and Peace for my senior book report in high school but I was in no way ready for it...still glad I read it though:) My daughter is in 8th grade and she loves the Twilight series. I have nothing negative to say about it...I was reading Sweet Valley High obsessively at that age (and loving every minute of it). She has already attempted Pride and Prejudice on her own.

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