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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The First Saturday Morning of Christmas Vacation

The first wake-up of vacation is by far the sweetest. Waking up an knowing that there are quite a few days between now and when you have to go back to work is a wonderful thought.

I always have grand plans for a vacation. I say to myself..."I am going to do this, and this, and this." So much is planned to be done. Cleaning, organizing, marking, planning. It's going to be a full vacation. But then it gets to the end of vacation and so much didn't get done. LOL I am sure there won't be anything different about this one.

I am going to try and do all my marking BEFORE Christmas so I am not rushing to finish at the last minute but like anything else sometimes good plan go awry so we will have to wait and see. I already have lunch plans on Monday with a good friend, a dentist appointment on Tuesday, I need to finish my shopping and I would like to get a massage as well. This is also my last opportunity to complete the 999 Reading Challenge I set for myself this year. I have ONLY 14 books left to read to reach my 81 book total!!! Last year I read 12 books over the 2 week long holiday so it is totally do-able!! (Here is a link to my original 999 Challenge post in case anyone is interested in checking it out.)

But I suppose I had better get off my butt and start getting some stuff done. There is no time to waste when it is vacation time.

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Molly said...

I have only one more final to grade, which I plan to do this morning, and then I will be on a two week holiday as well!!

I am in awe that you can teach all these subjects and still find time to read 99 books in one year! WAY TO GO

English Teacher said...

Only 1 final! Wow...I wish I have a ton of marking. And it's only 81 books...99 may be next year's goal. I'll adda link to my post about the 999 Challenge in case you are interested.

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