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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kitchen Renovations

My husband and I are contemplating a new renovation project. Our kitchen currently has a ceramic tile floor AND a tile counter top! The floor looks okay-ish but the grout is really starting to come up and we find ourselves stepping on small rocks on almost a daily basis these days. The countertop, which sounding quaint and interesting, is a cleaning nightmare! When we first moved in the grout was reddish which didn't seem quite right since the tiles themselves are white and yellow. Low and behold, I bought some grout cleaner and sealer, a nice little scrub brush and it actually turns out that the grout is white....double gross. So now I need to bleach it and keep it clean all the time because, of course, I am preparing food on it. As much as I enjoy having something different than everybody else a normal countertop would be great and I believe better for resale than tile.

So today we spent a few hours combing the aisles of our neighbourhood Home Depot looking at colour choices and picking up samples. We figure we can re-do both the floor and the countertop for around $1000.00 depending on our choices for the backsplash tiles...those things are crazy expensive!!

I see the next few months full of more trips to other neighbourhood home renovation stores and more samples before we make a final decision and of course save the money we need. I am excited for when it is done because I can picture it in my head and it looks awesome. We currently have white (crisp linen) cupboards and these will remain. I want to paint the kitchen a light grey, a bluish grey, once we have put in the new countertop and floor. The floor we are thinking of has a red, grey and darker grey tint in it and the countertop has a brown base with a similar linen colour and grey mixed in.

Flooring Option- Allure Tile Ashlar

 I think it looks better than I am describing here. Basically it's going to be a dark floor and counter with white cupboards. The backsplash is still in question but we looked into some stone (beige) tiles.

I am excited for it all to come together and see it finished...however many months it takes at this point!

I sometimes struggle with stuff like this because I spend so much of my teaching time talking with the kids about how people in other countries don't have the same opportunities we have to get an education, to drink clean water and provide for their families...and yet I can waste hours deciding on how I will make my perfectly good kitchen LOOK better. Not be more energy efficient, or greener, or reduce waste...just look nicer. It's an interesting dichotomy and something I often feel very guilty about. I mean should I be spending my Saturdays volunteering somewhere, raising money for charities or simply helping other people. Perhaps I shouldn't be spending my Saturdays looking for ways to spend money or otherwise useless things that won't make a difference in the end? And yet a part of me really wants to have a nice kitchen. Does this make me a bad person?

I hope not.

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Kitchen Renovations Toronto said...

No, it doesn't make you a bad person at all. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make your kitchen (which is a very important and very frequented room in the house) look and feel better for you, your kids and your visitors. I think many of us would love to save the world, and many of us try to give back as much as we can, but you don't have to suffer just because you can't save the world.

But it's good to see that you are taking your time in shopping around and getting samples; some people rush into the job and end up not really loving the combo they put together because things can often look a bit different in the showroom than at home; you have to take your time, plan, sample as much as possible and consider how it fits into your house as a whole.

Best of luck with your project and don't feel bad, it's okay to want to improve something of yours.

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