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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Reading Challenge

As we approach 2010 I have been thinking of what reading challenges I might like to take on next year. Although I do not see myself completing the 999 Challenge this close, so close...I really did enjoy tracking my reading and seeing how many books I actually read over the course of the year and what genres they are from. I have started to create a spreadsheet to track next year's reading (for anyone that knows me a spreadsheet about reading is not all that strange, I do own my own label maker as well) and was trying to figure out all the columns I might need to track my reading and what goals I wanted to set for myself. 

I obviously want to read more books than I did this year, I really felt like I have a slump in the summer and can do better. I have spent some time today surfing around through a variety of reading blogs and found reading challenges that interest me for 2010.

1. Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge
In this challenge I will read a number of books and see the movies that correspond with them. After that has been accomplished I will post a review of the books and movies I have read/seen. I have decided to enter this challenge at the level of Saturday Movie Marathon: four books/movies. This gives me room to make a few choices and not be tied down to reading a bunch of books I may not like.

2.  You've Got Mail Reading Challenge
In this challenge I am to read as many books as I want by authors mentioned in the movie You've Got Mail. I love that movie and I love the idea of this challenge. Books to be read for this challenge can be
any book by or about the following authors:
Jane Austen
L.M. Montgomery
Maud Hart Lovelace
Noel Streatfeild
Roald Dahl
Kay Thompson
Shel Silverstein
E.B. White
Beatrix Potter
Dr. Suess
Ludwig Bemelmans
Mario Puzo
George Bernard Shaw
Thomas Jefferson

Some of these are my favourites so that's pretty exciting as well!

I found both of these challenges through an interesting looking blog I just discovered tonight so I want to give some credit there as well- Book Psmith. I am very interested in reading this blog more often as it seems that the author is just as crazy about reading as I am, maybe more so! And I love to read, talk and hear about reading! There are quite a number of reading challenges listed on the blog and I am looking forward to spending some more time perusing this new blog find!

5 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Book Psmith said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am slightly crazy about reading:) I love your 'About Me'. I am a parent to one of those funny and frustating teenagers...and with some of the stories my daughter tells me at the end of the school day, I am glad to know that you still love it! I only started keeping track of the books I read a couple of years ago and it really is interesting to go back and see what you have read and how your reading has changed. I am not sure if you know about this blog yet... it lists almost all of the current reading challenges going on. But just a small warning...they are addictive:)

C.B. James said...

Welcome to my book/movie challenge. Hope you have fun with it.

C.B. James said...

How to add a button.

Here's what I do.

Copy the picture to your desktop. You can just right click if you're on a PC or drag and drop if you're on a Mac.

Select the URl of the site/page and copy it.

Go into the layout section of blogger.

Select add a gadget and add a picture.

Upload the picture from your desktop.

Paste the URL (link) in on the link line.

This will give you a picture in your sidebar that is also a link to the site.

Hope that helps.

English Teacher said...

C.B. James- Thanks so much! Looking forward to the challenge and creating a button. lol

Book PSmith- I have tonnes of funny/ frustrating stories about my students. Please take them all with a grain of's a little unnerving knowing a parent may now be reading! J/K. I will look into those reading challenges.

Mrs. B. said...

I'm joining the Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge as well. Also at the Saturday level. Haven't decided which ones but I've just read Little Women so I intend to see the movie again.

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