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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where are the holidays?

There is nothing worse than being a teacher 2 weeks before the holidays....well, except maybe teaching 2 week before the end of June. Either way a 13 year-old child said something so rude and disgusting today to my teaching partner that I feel I have lost a little of my love for teaching. Even worse, I am not sure how I can respect this child when he returns from his 5-day suspension.

Now you may be thinking that a 13 year-old is not a child, but is some instances they still are. For the most part they still want to be loved, they still want to please and they still want you to listen to all their stories. However, I know for a fact that there are 13 year-olds in this world who have lived through more horrible ordeals than this boy has, and don't get me wrong his story is pretty ugly, but they made the CHOICE to have a better life. To live a better life. To do everything they could to make sure things were BETTER for them.

They don't mouth off to make themselves look "cool" because in reality that will make them look like a child acting out in anger. They make the CHOICE.

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