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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Review #1!

I finished Gone by Michael Grant a few days ago and have been letting my thoughts mellow for a bit before I reviewed.

In the small town of Perdido Beach, California a strange event has happened all of a sudden, every adult and teenager over 12 has suddenly disappeared, or "poufed" as one of the characters describes it. The children are left to fend for themselves, starting with a fire in the town's apartment building. Sam Temple, the protagonist, rushes into the burning building to save a young child he can hear calling for help. Sam emerges as the hero to the other children and is called to be in charge, although this is not a role Sam wants for himself.

Luckily for Sam, or unluckily as it turns out, Caine rides into town with a posse of private school kids from the nearby Coates Academy and declares he will taken care of everything and even has a plan to make sure the smallest children are well-cared for a fed. As things progress the children begin to discover that there are some among them who have "power", they seem to have mutated during the event and now have a variety of super powers. To make things even stranger the entire town in covered by an impenetrable dome.

This book is well written and fast-paced. I actually had this book on my TBR list before I picked it up for my review committee which was an interesting coincidence. It kept my attention throughout and I really wanted to discover how these kids were going to survive this distressing circumstance. I will not, however, be recommending it for inclusion in a middle school library as the bullies are placed in charge in the small town and given the role of sheriffs and police. They use brute force and carry bats as weapons to make sure their laws are upheld. I think this aspect makes Gone a more appropriate read for high school students, or a child who had the opportunity to consistently discuss it with an adult.

Gone is clearly the first book in a series by Michael Grant and is left in somewhat of a cliffhanger. I don't think I will rush out to get the next book quite yet, but my natural curiosity will most likely win over at some point and I will want to know what happens next!

In case you are interested, the second book is titled Hunger.

On a more personal note, my deep and abiding love for Chapters continues. I received a $50 giftcard for the holidays and of course proceeded to spend it in one big shot! I was able to order 5 books online on Sunday evening and 4 of those books arrived today! Amazing. A few are for various reading challenges I have committed to this year and some just for personal interest. Here's what I ordered.


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