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Monday, January 25, 2010

Advanced Planning

For anyone that knows me they also know that I am planner. I was the girl in high school that planned all the dances, where we went on the weekend, the fundraisers, etc. There is nothing I like better than coloured coded file folders and labels. For real.

So now that I have moved grades this year I feel like I am playing catch up everyday. Take today for example, when I arrived home after work (with a pile of marking, none of which is done) I vacuumed, made dinner and then sat down to do some planning. Why you ask? Well because as of 7:00 tonight I only had stuff to teach until lunch tomorrow. Lunch tomorrow!! So I sat down and planned out the next 4 weeks...because I have to. Maybe I have some kind of planning OCD? Maybe I don't take risks enough? Who knows, who cares, all I know is that I feel MUCH better. 

I wondered what it is about planning that just makes everything seem right with the world. Perhaps I am one of those people that feels like they must have some control over their life. It's an interesting thing to think about for sure. I do know that I will feel better next year when I am reteaching all these units and I can adapt them and tweak them and make it better, but all the while knowing I have something ready to go!

On a completely separate note...

I have been researching agencies that send shoes to Haiti for children and adults that do not have shoes. One of the agencies I discovered appears to have gone under with no warning and has left groups, businesses and people hanging with collections of shoes they want to send to help. I have been in contact with a web designer that had donated his time to help create a website for the charity and has since been inundated with requests for help to send the shoes over seas. 

If you can help us, or know of any agencies in the GTA please let me know so we can get these shoes to Haiti!

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

SB said...

okay i've only read the first three lines and I am already excited...colour-coded file folders--my favourite!!!

Kelly said...

I definitely hear you on the planning thing. I get very nervous if I don't have plans for at least the next day, and it would be better if it was for the week. I think when I was first teaching K it was even worse because I didn't have a lot to pull from if I had to throw something together quickly.

Last Words...

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