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Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to School: Part 2

In a word? Exhaustion.

There is nothing like spending an entire day on your feet, in heels, after two weeks of laying on the couch and reading blogs and books. Seriously.

The kids were exhausted today as well. It felt a little like teaching zombies, especially after lunch. However, as usual my class of doom (Note: I do love teaching and love my students but it seems like every year there is one class that has more than it's share of those kids and they drown out the rest) continued to talk and talk and talk. So after three warnings, I looked up from the desk of the student I was helping and announced "Quiz. Tomorrow." and immediately went back to helping the student. The class did quiet down and worked for the most part after that, but... at the end of the period when I reminded them to study for the quiz tomorrow they were in disbelief.

Student A: "You were serious?"

Me: "Yes."

Student B: "For real?"

Me: "I'm not a liar. I say it will happen, it happens." (Note: Interestingly enough our lesson today was on whether oral promises were as important as written contracts because we are studying the treaties between the First Nations people and the Canadian government in the late 1800's)

Student B: "I didn't say you were a liar."

Me: "I know you didn't. But I said there would be a quiz, and there will be. Welcome to January of Grade 8. Sink or swim."

Student A: "Well, it looks like I'll sink."

Wow. Way to think positively. That attitude will take you far...

On the other hand, my reading reflection with my students went very well. I was surprised, and happy, to see how many books some of them listed as having completed. A few of the kids had upwards of 12 books since September (maybe some future book bloggers?).

How fantastic was that!!

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hcmurdoch said...

Ah, the first day back after a vacation! Somehow we had students come into the library who were surprised that they STILL needed their ID to check out books. As if I'd change the policy over the winter hoilday :-)

English Teacher said...

hcmurdoch, Love it! Of course they asked!! It's only January, how can they be expected to know that so close to the start of the year? LOL

I had kids walk in wearing coats and backpacks which is against our rules, hello!! It's been 4 months. :)

Miss Lavakula said...

Thank you for leaving us a comment on our class blog. The students have not yet started but enjoy blogging and posting comments on other blogs. We enjoy making new friends from other countries. Once the students have started and are ready to go we will be sure to pay your blog a visit.

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