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Friday, January 8, 2010


Molly over at my cozy book nook posted some fabulous thoughts today about creating balance in one's life and a lot of what she has said makes wonderful sense and applies to my life, and my new year's resolutions, as well. Check it out and then come back to me.

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Interestingly enough, the server that hosts my work email is down for the entire weekend so I am unable to check work email or send work email...sort of an imposed break. What a great way to spend the first weekend after the first week back from holidays!

I have a full schedule of events planned this weekend with the family so that will help with balancing personal time and work time as well. My sister and I bought "Jersey Boys" tickets for my parents for Christmas this year and the show is tomorrow. The 6 of us; my husband and I, my parents, and my sister and her fiance, all went out for a great steak dinner tonight to celebrate for the holiday AND it was the first time in history my father let us pay the dinner bill!! Quite the milestone, eh? I must admit though that after I signed the VISA slip I feel that my dad can go back to paying...! Six people, out for a steak dinner, yowzers!! That will hurt when the statement comes in.

We have a second "family" dinner planned tomorrow night, but this time my sister's fiance's parents will join us for the meeting of the parents, the first meeting of the parents. Should be interesting, especially since my family is all talkers. We talk a lot, we talk loudly, we talk passionately, and we aren't afraid to share our opinions, or to disagree with each other, loudly and passionately! My sister's fiance rarely speaks. If his family is anything like him, it might be an unbalanced dinner. He is a wonderful man, who adores my sister and treats her with the utmost respect, but we tend to overpower him at family dinners. I hope his parents don't think we are all crazy!

So here's to a weekend where family time far out weighs work responsibilities and the journey down the path of balance begins. Cheers.

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Molly said...

How nice of you to reference my blog -- thanks! I agree that we should try to hold one another accountable to a more balanced lifestyle.

It sounds as though you will have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!

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