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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bright and Shiny

After yesterday's ordeal and not-so-positive post I want to give everyone (and me) something fun and nice to think I'll shall tell you all about one of my students who we will call "Little V".

Little V was in my class last year and I just had to have him in my class this year. However, for whatever reason I actually forgot that he was going to be in my class over the summer (yes, even though I made the list up myself) so when I was perusing my class list in August of 2009 and saw his name I did a little happy dance! Whoo hoo, Little V two years in a row!!

Little V is, as his name says, small (at least small for a boy in Grade 8). He's not the smallest boy I have ever seen in Grade 8 but it's close. Little V also has a mouthful, I mean chockfull, of braces and a smile that reaches from ear to ear. I adore him.

Now Little V wears little jerseys to school most days. My teaching partner and I love to giggle over his little jerseys, it's so cute. On "Jersey Day" he brought 2 jerseys to school; one that he wore and the other he put on the back of his chair. I think it was to show his extra spirit. I loved it.

Now I keep Little V in a chair at the front of the room where I can see him and chat with him whenever the mood strikes me. We also have a great teasing relationship. I always make jokes about how much I don't actually like him, and he is super quick on his feet to get me right back. Maybe that's why I adore him so much. Take today, for example, I was actually leading a literacy workshop for the entire day down in the library and had a supply in my room. Little V wandered down near the library at lunch when I happened to be in the hall. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: "Little V! What? I had hope I wouldn't see you today."

Little V: "I know. Me too. What bad luck that you are in the hall right now."

Love it!!

Since so many of my kids are from last year's classes they know all about Little V and I so they are always on the look out for ways to set up a joke where he or I make fun of the other. It's these kinds of things that make teaching amazing. My kids get my sense of humour and feel comfortable enough to give it right back to me. They know I will laugh and appreciate a good joke at my own expense. It sure does make the day go by faster when there is so much laughter in the room. It's because of this that I am not looking forward to June. Some of my kids I have been teaching for 3 years- Grade 5 French, Grade 7 English/History/Geography and now Grade 8 English/History/Geography. The last day of school will be a sad day.

What will I do next year when I have to "retrain" a new group and Little V's desk will have someone else in it? Hopefully, there is a Little V Jr out there just waiting for me!

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