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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Curling...what the heck??

Diane from Bibliophile by the Sea made a comment on an earlier post that she had no idea what curling is..something I hear a lot EVEN THOUGH IT IS AN OLYMPIC SPORT!! (LOL- just kidding!!) Canada is a nation of curlers and we are fantastic at it. My friends won the World Junior competition twice when we were in high school and are now on various provincial teams. One guy I knew in university will be representing Canada at the Olympics in Vancouver.

Here are some links if people are more interested:

The Canadian Curling Association

The Ontario Curling Association

The City of Windsor provides this fantastic over view...

Teams are made of 4 people (each player throws 2 stones). 
Two teams play against each other on one "sheet" (lane) of ice. 

How to Play:
  • At the start of the game, the two Skips (captains) go down to the far house (end of the ice) and begin to direct play for their teams (they are team captain). 
  • Each team alternates throwing with the other team one stone at a time. 
  • Each player throws two stones. 
  • When the Lead is delivering the Second and Vice are sweeping as the Skip watches the "line" (curl) of the stone. 
  • The sweepers judge the "weight" (how far the stone will travel) while the Skip will yell to them if the stone is curling too much. 
Brief History of the Sport:
  • While it is true that the sport of curling dates back to the 15th century, the modern version (Scottish style) originated in the early 17th century. 
  • The oldest Curling Club in North America is Royal Montreal Curling Club (1807).  Curling was always played outdoors, usually on frozen lakes, until the 20th century.
  • Curling was a demonstration sport in the Olympics 4 times (1924, 1932, 1992, 1994) before being admitted as a full medal sport in 1998. 
  • Canada has more curlers in total than any other country.
Facts & Finer Points:
  • Curling is a game of etiquette - a game is always preceded by a handshake and the expression "Good Curling". 
  • Two teams play against each other on one "sheet" of ice and each game is started with a coin toss whereby the winner usually picks to go last. 
  • Curling is played on ice that is very level but has small "pebbles" (droplets of water).
  • The pebble is what the stones curl on (the stone comes into contact with the ice on its "running surface" and the friction, however mild, between the running surface and the pebble makes the stone curl). 
  • A curling stone weighs approximately 42 lbs and is made of an especially unique type of granite, which is mined exclusively in Scotland
  • Curling stones are very expensive: one new stone would cost approximately $1000.00..

Here is a video of Canada beating Scotland to win the 2008 World Championships! Kevin Martin's team (the skip of the team playing) is the team representing Canada in Vancouver!

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Diane said...

LOL LOL LOL -- Thanks for helping out a moron like me Beth!

Beth said...

Not a moron at all!! You are probably in the majority if you don't live in rural Canada. Watch some over the Olympics and tell me what you think.

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