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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Google Reader Vol 2.0

So I have been playing around with Google Reader a little more and I think I have figured out a systems that works for me! I plan to still read everyone's blogs on their blog site, I really do like seeing the backgrounds and stuff... but then if a post appeals to me and I want to go back to it in the future I will use Google Reader to start it and return at a later date.

Who knows, maybe my thoughts on this will evolve and I will grow to love Google Reader? Anything is possible on a Sunday morning right?

And on that thought I am off to have coffee, lots of coffee. My husband and his best friend stayed up till all hours of the night celebrating my husband's birthday and I foresee a need for coffee to be fully equipped to handle their particular brand of nonsense this morning.

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Molly said...

Good for you in persevering with Google Reader! I actually have not used the favorites function - but I need to give that a try.

I hope the headaches are kept at a minimum this morning :)

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