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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Google Reader

I have been hearing things about Google Reader. So I went on over to check it out.

I don't like it.

I like seeing everyone's backgrounds and templates, tags, tabs, pictures, lists etc. Google Reader makes reading all your lovely blogs very impersonal. I understand the draw of being about the star items and refer back to them later. I may use that feature in the future. (Note: Doesn't that just sound cool? feature in the future?...anyway) After I have read a blog that I particularly like a posting on I may go to Google Reader and use it to mark the posting for reference in the future but I can not imagine myself using it all the time to read the blogs I follow. I understand that it may save me time to use this tool but that's not why I read blogs, to save time that is. I read them because I enjoy hearing what people are saying and thinking about things they have going on in their life, in their family, that they've read etc. If blogging gets to the point where I am more concerned with the amount of time it takes me than the pleasure I get from it I will stop reading and writing.

So here's the final score:

Going to your blogs = 1
Google Reader = 0 

5 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Molly said...

I totally agree....except.....

I found that I was spending HOURS reading blogs and that was taking me away from reading books. I have now (reluctantly) started using the Reader. I put several blogs (nearly 50 - of which yours in included) in a folder entitled "my favorites" This way when I am short on time, I will at least be sure to read the posts of my favorite blogs.

I will often times click the link from Google Reader (and all its generic faults) and visit the blog in person.

While this system is not ideal, I have found that I am taking more control of my free time, which I desperately needed to do.

Hope the marking is going well this weekend!

hcmurdoch said...

That's so interesting; I really like my Google Reader since things are all in one place, it's faster and more convenient. Then if I want to comment, I go to the blog. I am always so pleased to see the layouts, buttons, etc. So, I really get what you're talking about.

English Teacher said...

Molly and hcmurdoch,

I see both your points, especially what Molly is saying about reading blogs taking up the time of reading books. I might get to where you are. That system sounds like something I could deal with.

Diane said...

I LIKE Google Reader. I click on lots of posts from the reader that bring me to the lovely blogs, and it does save time IMO???

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for participating in The Saturday Network!

And though I like Google Reader too because it helps me see what everyone is posting and what exactly I want to read more about, I definitely see where you're coming from. I hope you learn to like Google Reader in the future or find another system that works for you! :)

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