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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year to Me!

I just discovered a pretty amazing website, etsy. You can buy and sell all sorts of things handmade, so if you are a creative type person you can sell your creations here. And if you are like me, wishing she could create creations, especially purses, then you can buy them...and have them delivered right to the house. I love the internet. Love it!

I don't believe I have mentioned my love of purses on my blog as of yet, but it's quite a thing. I buy a lot of them, well not really, not like every month or anything. My husband and I made a promise when we got married that I wouldn't comment on his beer buying if he didn't comment on my purse buying (and I must say the beer buying happen more frequently!). Good deal all around if I do say so myself.

Maybe it's a new years thing, or a Friday night in thing, but I have been feeling a little down tonight. The hangover might be part of it, too. I didn't actually think I drank that much but apparently I was mistaken. Anyway, I decided just to browse around the internet and see what I could find tonight to entertain myself. My husband is very hungover and asleep on the sofa at, wait for it, 7:00. He is of the belief that he is still 19 and can stay up ALL night drinking. He's wrong.

In my internet as entertainment travels I first went to a blog I discovered last week that grabbed my attention because of its name, Padfoot and Prongs. Gotta love Harry Potter references. I was checking out their blog and discovered that they had an etsy account where they where selling some cute stuff. So I moseyed over to etsy, which I had come across a few times but never really spent much time thinking about and today I thought...why, not? Nothing else to do! So off I went. I found this awesome bag they are selling:

How cute is it? I think it may be a purchase for me down the road, as well as a gift for my sister! Click the bag for a link to the etsy site where this bag is being sold.

So while I was at etsy I noticed that they sell purses so I went to check it out because I LOVE purses and nothing makes me feel better than a new one when I am down. I know, retail therapy isn't the answer, but hey, I'm a girl and sometimes it is the answer.

So, that's when I found this:

Click the bag for a link to the etsy site where this bag is being sold.

I have fallen in love. Deep, deep love. Have you ever seen anything better than this? Well, obviously almost everything is better; babies, smiles, hugs, good smells, fantastic friends. But on a Friday night at home, this is pretty highly rated. This I bought right away, and soon it will be all mine. Sigh.

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Brian DeWagner said...

Etsy is our favourite Christmas secret....we make Etsy lists and stack up favorites for each other to see -- and there's plenty of guy stuff on there if any "dude" is worried about it's overwhelming girlishness -- and we love it. Easy peasy and awesome. Tell your husband he can shop for you at Christmas without leaving the house and see how his face lights up!

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