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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jim Burke Knows Best

This blog post by Jim Burke at The English Companion is exactly how I wanted to articulate my new year's resolution this year. I love it. Every word.
The article starts with words that have never been more true, "When we say "no" to one thing we are always saying "yes" to another." I am very bad at saying no when I asked to take on more responsibility at work. My principal has worked out that I am less likely to complain and more likely to find a way to make things work and hence I often find myself doing the grunt work. Part of me knows that in the long run I am networking and getting my name out there, but a growing part of me is tired of always being the one to do stuff, so my new year's resolution is to only do the stuff I really want to do.

I think I am going to print out this blog post from Jim Burke and tape it up all around my desk at work and my house. In my car. On the bathroom mirror. In the car. On my laptop. Totally going to do it.

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hcmurdoch said...

I just discovered your blog on the Sunday Salon post at Bibliophile by the Sea so I became follower #13! I am a high school teacher librarian (former history teacher) so I look forward to reading your posts!

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