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Friday, January 15, 2010

Sorry for all the whining...

Wow, I sure have been a whiner this week, eh? No more (for now...), it'a Friday, my husband's birthday is tomorrow, and we are off to the Toronto Rock Lacrosse home opener with friends! A great start to a great weekend.

We also spent a few hours in various big box and specialty home improvement stores today buying a bunch off stuff we need to renovate our kitchen and our main bathroom. I am very excited about this. We wanted to buy all the materials we would need before the home renovation tax credit runs out, but we won't be doing the work for awhile now. That's a little sad because I love everything we bought today. The kitchen light! The bathroom sconces! The laminate flooring! The bathroom sink that will sit ON TOP of the counter....ohhh, ahhh!

Don't you just love the anticipation of redecorating? Everything is going to be new and shiny, painted in the colours you like...pretty. When we moved into the house the living room, hallways AND master bedroom were lime green. The kitchen was yellow. It was like someone had a citrus fruit party and then threw up all over the walls. Gross.

I know the work phase can be a real drag, and if you want to see how I really feel about it here are some posts from the summer when my Civic Holiday WEEKEND Painting Project turned into my August MONTH LONG Painting Project. Go here, then here, here and finally here. I not super great at getting renovations done quickly or efficiently. Other things...yes,

So right now everything is sitting in a lovely pile in the basement just waiting for us to get started and the best part is we got some great deals and still have a nice chunk of our money to buy more things! Here's what we did get today:

1) bathroom vanity top
2) bathroom sink
3) bathroom faucet
4) towel racks, hooks and toilet paper holder
5) bathroom sconces
6) kitchen floor
7) kitchen light
8) hooks for my project idea to display my collection of antique purses!!!!

Still to get:
1) kitchen countertop
2) backsplash tiles
3) closet doors
4) crown molding/ moulding and trim (Does anyone know the correct spelling here?) 
5) paint

I think we shall be having a busy spring and summer!

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