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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Sunday Salon- Do we wear clothes for men, for ourselves or for other women?

The Sunday Salon- January 17th, 2010

Today has been a quiet day here around my house. My husband celebrated his 29th birthday last night and I am pretty sure he feels like death warmed over today. At least that's what it looks like from my vantage point. Part of me feels bad for him, but a MUCH bigger part of me (like 99% of me) does not! We went through this a few weeks ago after New Year's Eve. Now I will be the first to admit I did not feel all that well myself on New Year's Day but I generally learn my lesson and carry it with me for a few month. My husband? Not so much. He was feeling hungover yesterday from Friday night when he started on today's hangover. No sympathy from me. The quietness as he naps/ feels like crap however, has allowed me to get a lot done today.

As usual I did some school work, planning and marking, and I even got some reading in as part of my school work. I am going to be starting a unit using the book Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World. I have read this book already but I always like to re-read as I am teaching a book to keep everything fresh in my mind. I just read through the first chapter today as, obviously, this is where my lessons will start. (Can you believe how brilliant a teacher I am? Start at the beginning. Fabulous) This chapter outlines Craig Keilburger's start as a social activist when he was 12 years-old and read about a 12 year-old in Pakistan who was gunned down for speaking out against child labour. Even though I have heard Craig speak about this experience many times, and have read the story in numerous forms, it gets me every time. I am very excited to start studying this book with my students and see their reactions and ideas.

Are you wondering yet what any of this has to do with the title of post? Well...

For my personal reading I am currently reading Friday Nights by Joanna Trollope. I am fascinated by this book even though I am not really sure yet that I even like it. Does this ever happen to you? Friday Nights is about an unusual grouping of women who get together on Friday nights to talk about their lives, support each other and help each other through the difficult moments. Some are young, some are older, some are married, some are single, some have children and some don't.

Along the way one of the characters, Paula, meets a new man and develops a relationship with him. This leads to all sorts of changes within the group. Paula's relationship with her friends, her son and the interwoven relationships of the group all begin to shift because of this one altering event. I am fascinated because I've never had a large group of female friends that all hang out together and share everything. I have a few very good friends, and my sister and my best friend but all those relationships only involve the two of us. I am not really sure that I believe larger groups of women can all be close to everyone is the group. There are always twosomes and threesomes that break off from the group as a whole.

This book accurately portrays the interesting dynamic between women. The competition, the small jealousies, the idea that other women do everything better than you do...etc, AND, the unwavering support and sisterhood that also exists between women who are friends. 

When Paula brings her relationship into the group things begin to change and I do not like Paula. She is self-absorbed, self-centered and completely unaware of how her actions affect her young son. I actually feel myself getting mad at her as I read. She neglects her friends for her relationship and I have never respected women who do that. She has no concept of the consequences of her actions and takes no responsibility for them either. Frustrating.

I am hoping to finish this book soon, partly because I am so frustrated by Paula and partly because I can't wait to see what happens.

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SB said...

hilarious. sounds like my kind of read...i agree totally, i am not fully sure that women can truly be friends. partly b/c of our competitive natures--society and personally driven. but also b/c we are so sensitive and don't take things likely, so we tend to break off friendships before they last too long!

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