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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Salon- January 31st

Wow, really? The end of January? Where did that come from?

I am going to borrow my Sunday Salon post idea today from Bibliophile by the Sea. I think "January in Review" is a fantastic plan...

Books read:
1. Gone
Michael Grant
2. Emma
Jane Austen
3. Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
4. Friday Nights
Joanna Trollope
5. Bad Company
Cathy MacPhail
6. Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World (re-read, still in progress for class)
Craig and Marc Keilburger
7. Get Well Soon
Julie Halpern

Challenge Progress:

1. The Chunkster Challenge: Starts in Feb. (*I have more to talk about later in the post)
2. Reading YA Through the Decades: 1/7
3. Read the Book/ See the Movie: 2/4~ 1/4 (Need to watch: Dear John, Emma, Need to read: Sherlock Holmes)
4. You've Got Mail Reading Challenge: 1/? (as many as you choose)
5. Books to Read Before I Die Challenge: 0/12

My thoughts: 

Well, I finally finished Emma!!! Yeah...I read, and read, and read yesterday as I promised myself I would finish it before February came. I must admit I was very surprised by how long it took me to read. I am used to being about to zip through a book in no time at all, but this took me a whole month. That being said, I did read 6.5 other books throughout the month. I still love it...and am looking forward to seeing the movie. I have never seen the Gweneth Paltrow version as I am not a huge Gweneth fan but my best friend tells me it is pretty good. I still love when Emma realize that she loves Mr. Knightly (or as Cher declares in Clueless, "I love Josh!")

The 3 books I completed for the school board review committee; Gone, Bad Company, and Get Well were not "excellents" and I will not be recommending them to the committee. I might perhaps list Gone as "popular with kids", and I think Get Well needs to be sent up to the high school committee. I have about 5 more books to read in February for the committee so I had better get a move on!

I have started The Book of Negroes today. I am reading it for the Books to Read Before I Die challenge, and the Chunkster challenge. I am loving it and am already on page 95. I am fascinated by the story and am gripped by the action. The main character, Aminata, is very well-written and captivating. I can't wait to see what else happens. I also happen to think that it is very fitting that I am reading this book during Black History Month, even if I am "cheating" a little on the Chunkster challenge which doesn't officially start until Feb 1st.   

In teaching news I marked the CASI test which is a standardized reading test my school board has implemented over the past few years. I am very pleased with my student's results, as they improved in our areas of focus- theme/ main idea and features of text forms. I do see that we need to work on inferring and connections which is going to be my new strategy focus for the next month or so.

I am looking forward to the Grammys tonight, but I also want to read more of my book! Such a the laundry is still calling my name. Le sigh. 

4 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

SB said...

you know i've never, in all the time i've known you, figured out how you accomplish all that you do in a day! do you have more hours than the rest of us?

Beth said...

It's all about the multi-tasking!!!

Melissa said...

I can't stand Gwyneth Paltrow, but if you try to ignore the fact that it's her...Emma is actually quite a decent film :)

Kristi said...

The laundry never ends, does it! Congrats on finishing Emma :-)

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