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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Teens Read and Write- updated!

I have been introduced to a new blog today that I think may be on interest to my students Teens Read and Write .

I have been and am back! What a fantastic blog! I have been thinking for a few months now that I would like to introduce my students to blogs but was really unsure how I wanted to go about it. After reading through and browsing for a bit on Teens Read and Write I may have a little idea starting to form. Teachers are always thinking, "How could I use this in my classroom?"

I really appreciate a blog that is devoted to reading and writing and the love that these bloggers obviously feel for both. What an inspiration. I have decided to put a link to their blog on my class site and make a little "bonus assignment" for any students who want to venture over and check it out. From there who knows where we will go? Reviewing other blogs for teens? Writing our own blogs? Goodness only knows!

I would like to give a huge thank you to Teens Read and Write for helping me get a little idea sprouting in my head off the ground!

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Cleverly Inked said...

They have a great blog. Great concept they have

SB said...

hey Miss Beth you have won an award -- please find it @

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