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Monday, February 1, 2010

Cookbooks, Recipes, Diets- Oh My!

My sister and I have recently taken on a lifestyle change. It is not a diet! However, "a lifestyle change" is the original definition of the word diet, so who can really say. I find the word diet has been so subverted and changed by society that it almost has the connotation of a dirty word now. But I digress....

My sister and I are attempting to follow the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Healthy Eating Plan which consists of tracking the number of servings you eat from each of the food groups. You answer a number of questions and track your eating habits for a week and then decide whether it fits your life better to focus on a protein-rich, or carb-rich diet...BUT all the food groups are represented. Nothing is left out. I like it because it reminds me to eat fruit (which I am not good at) and to keep drinking water (and hence, use the washroom a lot..not good for a teacher). I am really enjoying it and feel a lot better as well.

Since we have started this I have been looking for ways to increase my vegetables and to eat better breakfasts... I am not a breakfast person at all. So the last time we were at Chapters we spent some time in the Well-Being section and I have been looking around online. My sister bought a pretty awesome cookbook while we were there, and has I browsed through it I realized that I really want to get it too!!

This is the book she bought! Awesome, right? Hungry Girl 200 under 200 is the second book by Lisa Lillien and she has a website. At first glance the recipes seem fantastic and very easy to make. I am especially excited about the Berries and Cream Oatmeal Pudding that takes 3 minutes in the microwave instead of 5 minutes on the stovetop. Time is of the essence in the mornings! Also, Grab n' Go Breakfast Cookies...they will take even less time!

The second book I am very interested in getting is The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. I just heard about this on Oprah  and was very intrigued. Alicia is a vegan and eats very healthy. This books shows you how you can move in small steps toward veganism or just "flirt" (as Alicia terms it) in order to eat healthier overall.

I was a "vegetarian" in highschool, not because I didn't agree with eating meat due to animal cruelty but because I have never really loved eating it. When I was a young child meat would make me very sick and I didn't really eat very much until I was almost 10 years-old. So when I attempted to be a vegetarian in high school it was a pretty simple switch, however, it turned out that I am "allergic" (or very sensitive) to food preservatives and without meat in my system I would have to go completely organic and as a 16 year-old without any real family support that would have been very difficult.

Now that I am older, and in control of my own grocery shopping, I can start looking into this type of lifestyle again. Since I am married to a meat-lovin' man there is no way that I could go completely vegan without making some huge life changes and two meals all the time. However, I can weave meatless meals into our routine on a more regular basis and try to eat healthier all around.

Does anyone have any other great cookbooks along this line, or recipes for healthy eating that they love?Please, feel free to share.

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Kristi said...

I have heard that Hungry Girl is great. I had a friend who loved her online recipes when she was doing the Weight Watchers program.

I'm in need of a lifestyle change myself. Keep us posted on how you're doing.

SB said...

hilarious beth! i was gonna buy that first book -- it's awesome! as for alicia silverstone's diet...that's quite the commitment...j.b. would leave me were i to go vegan. seriously. gone. ha ha. good luck!

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