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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday and all its glory

What is there to hate about a Friday? Nothin'...absolutely nothin'.

I stayed after work today to prep for Monday's lessons because my husband had emailed me and said he would be home late. Seeing as I finish work at 2:30 and he routinely gets home from work at 6:00, if he says "I'll be late", the hours I have free between work and husband time stretch out before me.

There is something about coming home on a Friday and knowing you have so much time spread out before you that is all yours. Sometimes I get very territorial about my weekends, you know, after you've had too many plans filling up your weekend time for too many weeks in a row and you just want to shout at the  world, "Leave my weekends ALONE!" Not that I don't enjoy the plans and time spent with friends or family but sometimes a free weekend just for us is pretty amazing too.

Since I have returned home from work this evening I have walked the dog. As much as I hate snow and cold weather, I wish for the puppy that we had more snow because he loves it and goes tearing around in it like crazy. I have read straight through this week/month's (however often they come) issue of Sports Illustrated and I am all ready for the Super Bowl and the Olympics. (Note: there is a fantastic article in their about Sidney Crosby and an second one about why Canada must win Olympic gold in hockey. A must read for all Canadians). I have had a chat with my sister, who is currently planning her wedding and simultaneously arguing with my mom...but that's another story for another day.

I have not turned on the TV. I do not have any music playing. Lately, I have found that I relish the opportunity to be silent. Perhaps it's for the hours I spent locked into a room with 13 year-olds, perhaps. All I know is that this weekend is mine all mine. I can spend it in silence, in music, in bed, in reading, in eating, in cuddling. It's only limited by me and my imagination.

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Molly said...

ah....sounds glorious! Enjoy every second!

SB said...

I love weekends that are so plump with possibilities!

Diane said...

I love having free time to myself. Your Friday afternoon sounds perfect! Have a great weekend too!

Sara said...

Hey there!

This is Sara from The Saturday Network!
That sounds like a great relaxing weekend! I wish I could stand the sound of silence though, I always have to have some sort of noise in the background. I hope you enjoy :) Btw I'm loving your blog!

Beth said...

Molly: Thanks..I really plan to.

SB: Plump- such a fantastic word.

Diane: Hope you are having a great weekend.

Thanks Sara!! And welcome to my blog. I used to hate silence but lately I am really liking at and find I don't turn on the TV or anything for hours. Hope to hear from you again.

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