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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kahne- The puppy with a thousand faces

I am off in Ottawa, Canada's capital, with 50 13 year-olds for their Grade 8 trip. Pray for me! J/K...I wrote a few posts ahead of time to keep up with my blog while I am away. 

I love my dog like he was my child, and probably spoil him too. Perhaps it will all change of my husband and I decide to have children, but for now he's my baby.

Sad face. Used when he wants something, like a treat.

Happy face! He also does happy ears, which get pushed back and look like elephant ears but we have yet to capture that on film.

Sometimes Kahne likes to sleep in the oddest places.

Sleepy face...he had just woken up and I stuck a camera in his face. Oops.

Look at me! This is his "sit pretty" trick. Sometimes I'll glance over while I am cooking and he is sitting there is this position just hoping something will come his way.

Kahne likes to help me mark my student's matter how crowded it might make me.

Seriously, how do I ever say no to this face??

What pets do y'all have?

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Molly said...

he looks like such a nice fur blanket to help keep you warm while you mark all those papers!

We have 3 yellow labs who also think they are lap dogs. They are my joy in life!

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