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Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympics: Sports vs. Journalism

I. Love. The. Olympics. (I have also noticed that I like writing my sentences with a period after every word)

Up here in Canada the CBC has been the host TV network for Olympic coverage for the last 30 years, however, this year CTV is the providing the coverage. In true Canadian fashion people and complaining, griping, bitching and just plain missing the point. Yes, maybe some of the TV personalities they have on the air aren't the best - Jessi and Dan from MTV are an interesting choice as journalists for the Olympics. pairing TSN sports anchors with serious journalists from the nightly news is a strange twist- but the Olympics are about the athletes not the journalists.

My husband works for CTV so I do get a bit of an inside view of things and I know that complaints are pouring in. Things like: there is too much coverage of Canadian athletes (for real?), the morning shows aren't covering enough sports (ummm, when it's 9am in Ontario it's 6am in Vancouver...hello???), etc, etc. Maybe it's not perfect but they are 30 years out of practice hosting the Olympics on their network give them some time to get their feet under them.

As far as the athletes are concerned, people in Canada LOVE to cheer for the winners and are quick to kick an athlete when they are down. My question is: When is the last time you devoted yourself to being that good at anything? I wish people could see the beauty of the Olympics, even with all its faults. It brings people together.

Maybe having MTV personalities on the air was designed to get younger generations watching? Maybe having the TSN personalities with new anchors was designed to appeal to more than one demographic? Maybe the athletes are trying their best? No one woke up in the morning and made the choice not to win.

People need to take a breath, calm down and appreciate this time when the world pauses to celebrate young people who, for the most part, are only acknowledge every 4 years.

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SB said...

hilarious. good points beth. my favourite was when the mm vj was in a pool with a bunch of girls talking about their sport being who could chug the most beer -- and why not? ha ha. yes, the focus should always be one what's happening IN the Olympics -- not who's talking ABOUT them.

Esme said...

Some people just like to complain-what can you say?

Christina T said...

In the States we have NBC providing Olympic coverage with Bob Costas and other journalists doing a lot of it along with former Olympians as experts on each sport.

One thing I don't like about NBC's coverage is that they have a tendency to show athletes from other countries competing but then don't show their scores. I've noticed this when I watch figure skating but they did the same thing when showing U.S. figure skating Nationals. If they think the athlete isn't important enough they don't bother to show the scores which is kind of disappointing to me.

It is too bad that people are being hard on the athletes that don't win. When I watch any Olympic event I try to remember that the athletes who are representing their countries are there because they are the best athletes from their country in their sport.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope you enjoy watching the rest of the Olympics.

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