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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Productiveness of Saturdays

Sometimes I feel like I am a huge nerd. A loser. A geek.

Why you ask? Well, I'll tell you. I like using my Saturday to get things done.

In case you don't believe me, check out this post

Even if I have had a super busy week, like this one, I like to use my Saturdays in the most productive way possible. I like when I have all the time for me and I get to make the decisions about when I do it, how much I do, in what order I do it, etc, etc.

There is something freeing about getting to make all the decisions about the work that you do and when you do. I try very hard to be as productive as possible during the week at work but it's very hard when there are 25 bodies in the room that need their questions answered (May I go to the washroom?), their behaviour reprimanded (Sit down and complete your work!) and their every thought listened to (Did you watch the hockey game? Yes. They won you know?! Yes, I just told you I watched it!) As much as I love my little friends they do make it difficult to get anything done.


It's like having an entire day's to-do list available and at the ready for me to cross off one by one!

Now it should be said that I don't have children, and due to the Olympics my husband has been at work all day so I had all the time to myself. My sister came over this afternoon because she didn't want to sit home alone, but I basically went out about my business and she watched the Olympics (more gold for Canada!) My report cards are due on Monday and I still have a bit to do but today was awfully productive and I got a huge chunk done. Good for me!!

How do you like spending your Saturdays?

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Kathy Martin said...

I usually try to have relaxing Saturdays. I may do some errand running and grocery shopping but I also try to have some quiet time to read and blog. Sundays are for laundry and prep for the upcoming week. But I still try to leave at least half the day for things I want to do. We had Friday off this week because of Parent Teacher conferences on Monday and Thursday evening. So this weekend seems a little odd to me. I was convinced that today was Sunday but very glad to be wrong.

SB said...

I wish I could say sleeping...sigh.

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